[Synths] How to mint synthetic assets

1.Navigate to dForce Lending and connect to your wallet (Here we take Kovan testnet as example). Click “Synths - General” in the side bar.

2.Select asset to be used as collateral in My Assets, click “SUPPLY” to enter the asset page. Make sure you have set “As Collateral” below to “YES”. You can skip this step if you have done this when you supplied the asset.

3.Select the synthetic asset you would like to mint in “Synth Markets” on the right (here we take USX as example).


4.Fill in or select the proportion bar below to enter the amount of asset you want to mint, then click “MINT”. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Note: We strongly recommend that your mintage should not exceed the SAFE MAX, so as to better resist market risks and ensure the safety of collaterals.


5.You can find the asset you have minted on My Assets after succeeded, and Adequacy Ratio changes.
Note: When Adequacy Ratio lower than 1, the borrower is in a situation of insolvency and face the risk of liquidation if collateral is not replenished in time to bring Adequacy Ratio back to 1 or above.