dForce Proposes to Add dToken Pool on Curve.Fi

Today, we submitted CIP-8 through Curve Governance, proposing the addition of a dToken pool on Curve.Fi to house dUSDx/dUSDC/dDAI/dUSDT with instant swap capability. We hereby call attention from CRV holders and the community to cast your votes here for us to build dToken pool on Curve.Fi.

While we continue our adventure into the frontiers of DeFi, participating in global DeFi protocol governance is critical for our evolution and will bring the following benefits to our network:

  1. Further expand our network of integrated protocols to become more universally accessible and integrated with global DeFi infrastructure;
  2. A great value-capture with huge upside potential for DF holders;
  3. dToken LPs who provide liquidity on Curve.Fi will have access to the highest available underlying yield in the market (dToken), mining COMP, CRV and DF simultaneously, as well as collecting fees that come from trading volume;
  4. More engagement in governance of global protocols, enhancing our global visibility and outreach.

Openness is Always the Best Policy.
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