【Arbitrum】“I-Still-Feel-Summer” Genesis Liquidity Mining (Sep 21 - Sep 28)

After successful launch of our liquidity mining on Arbitrum, dForce is the No.1 Lending protocol on Arbitrum and we are making several adjustments on coming liquidity mining Phase 2, to reserve some incentives for the upcoming liquidity mining on dex (announced very soon):

Gauge — Lending, Borrowing, USX Minting on dForce

A daily total of 70,000 DF will be distributed through liquidity mining to users participating in lending, borrowing of major cryptos and minting USX and EUX (dForce’s native USD and EUR stablecoin) on dForce, it includes USDC, USDT, USX, WBTC, ETH, UNI, LINK and EUX, with the following gauge:

Kinder reminder:

  • DF reward claiming will soon be activated along with launch of liquidity mining on a DEX supporting DF/USX, USX/USDC and USX/EUX pairs;
  • DF supply and borrowing will be activated as well, so the table above with DF gauge will be activated the same time when DF liquidity pools launches on dex.