Arbitrum STIP Campaign - Tutorial for Curve LP


  • View ARB weekly disbursement on dForce Forum.
  • Users who provide liquidity for USX/USDC on Curve (Arbitrum) will be rewarded with ARB tokens!
  • There is no minimum threshold for liquidity provision; your APY will be determined by the amount of ARB token rewards, as well as your share of LP tokens in the pool.
  • Users can claim ARB rewards at any time.
  1. Navigate to dForce and switch to ‘Arbitrum’, find the USX/USDC Curve pool and click on ‘Detail’ to expand the menu.

  1. Click ‘Get USX/USDC’ to be directed to the Curve pool for liquidity provision. Afterward, return to dForce and stake your Curve LP token to become eligible for ARB disbursement.

  1. You will be able to see your accrued ARB rewards which can be claimed at any time. Click on ‘Harvest’ to claim, and ‘Unstake’ to withdraw your staked Curve LP token.

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