Aspida Vault Tutorial

dForce is hosting and incentivizing the Aspida LSD Vault as part of the ongoing Arbitrum STIP campaign (click here to read more). This vault allows you to earn $ARB incentives and Shields (Learn More) by depositing ETH or wstETH while waiting for Aspida launch on Arbitrum.

This article will provide you with a hands-on guide on how to earn ARB in this campaign.

  1. Navigate to dForce Farm, make sure you are connected to your wallet and switch to the Arbitrum network.

  2. Expand the menu and click on ‘Stake’ to continue.

  3. Enter the amount of wstETH and confirm the transaction from your wallet.

  4. After the transaction is confirmed, you can see and claim your earned ARB and Shields on the same page at any time.

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