Clarification on Circulating supply

Hi, I would like to ask few questions to clarify on few points below:
1: Why circulating supply of DF is increasing recently?
2: will this increase continue to happen?
3: There are rumors that dForce team is selling tokens and increasing the circulating supply?

I hope somebody can answers my questions to clear my concerns regarding dForce.


Hey, everything is traceable on blockchains!!

1 & 2 are largely due to token vesting - they disclosed DF vesting schedule long time ago. I think there are approx. 52.6% DF unlocked by Q1 2022.

For 3, top holder addresses are disclosed on Coingecko with 5 labeled as ‘team’. Interestly, all 200m DF tokens (accounting for 20% of total circulation) are still sitting there without a single sale - they didn’t move anywhere for almost two years.

  • 0xBDA11A5DDb4d064426F8cC7aA3078eAdcDE9621f (50m DF)
  • 0x03792ECCe9B28190d0Bf8beDCD26Cba3740cD780 (50m DF)
  • 0x9f5FD2579CDD807f034CaCD27aca386839945658 (50m DF)
  • 0xf946F2eD4DCC1E48485ce8153cAf5CDe9EEBAB3E (20m DF)
  • 0xb75299D51D2888843F25054738cebd46A4Ae5Cc9 (28.8m DF)
  • 0x1F6663F2307E7D17735550eFF686bf6b4681C310 (1.2m DF)

Thanks a lot for clarification