Collaboration with Carmine Finance

Hi. My name is Philip. I am writing from the Carmine Finance. We’re an AMM options protocol. Thanks to our options AMM we can offer hedge against impermanent loss to the dForce users. Are You interested in this idea? Do You want to know more details? Feel free to ask I’ll answer Your question.

Btw. I’d like to schedule a call with someone from the team.

Hi, welcome to the community!

AMM? Sorry, I am not sure, dForce is a lending protocol, so how do these two projects work together?

My fail :). I confused you with another protocol but nothing lost. Options could be used as insurance against loan liquidation.

Sounds like great, is there an audited report for your protocol?

I can not access to the website:, it is down.

Yeah. Our audit is finished. We’re launching mainnet soon :smiley:

It works for me. Sorry for late answer. We’re launching mainnet very soon. Who to contact for a call?