Cross-chain interoperability expansion (Rango API integration)

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Rango would be happy to cooperate with dForce. Here is Rango Pitch, along with our proposal for dForce cross-chain interoperability development by integrating the Rango API.

Rango Pitch:
Rango is a bridge and DEX aggregator. With our API, dForce will have expanded cross-chain interoperability which we believe is a must-have in the DeFi world. Rango provides Basic and Multi-step API. The Basic API is an easy-to-implement solution. Alternatively, our Multi-step API enables a fee sharing model that can be tailored to dForce. Also Rango won’t charge any fee from dForce.

Rango facilitates transactions across +40 blockchains including all the EVMs, Solana, Fantom, Avalanche, Cosmos, Osmosis and etc. We have integrated some of the biggest names in the bridging space, including Multichain, Hop, cBridge, ThorChain, Wormhole, Across and Stargate. Furthermore, our smart contracts feature DEX integrations with 1inch, Uniswap, SushiSwap, ParaSwap, OpenOcean, DODO, 0x, JunoSwap, PancakeSwap, SpookySwap, and ViperSwap.

Rango has successfully exchanged more than 2B$ since Aug 2021, audited by Slowmist and backed by significant ecosystem investors including D1 Ventures, 9Realms, Multichain, Celer, ANKR and etc.

Once our API is integrated, dForce will never have to worry about adding more bridges or DEXs – Rango developers will handle that.

We propose that dForce integrate the Rango any-2-any swap API (cbridge is integrated) to enable users to swap any token they want, from any network.

This will help unlock the full potential of dForce for one main reason:
Expanded cross-chain interoperability, higher user engagement, higher circulating volume, and more revenue all contribute to better user experience generating more revenue.

It is a win-win. Rango gets to partner with the premier web3 DeFi product, while dForce’s true potential is unlocked.

By providing hands-on development for deForce, Rango strives to ease the integration process for deForce with our API. Rango will help make this integration happen at no cost to the deForce community.

For more information on Rango, you can check out our documentation and the open app.

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Rango BD

Hi, welcome to the community! :wave:

Is there an audited report for your protocol?

Hope all is well with you.

Below you can check them out:

I think you mean dForce trade, right?

It could be integrated in either of these ways:

  • dForce’s Bridge tab expansion to a cross-chain bridge

  • direct bridge-then-lend/deposit or borrow-then-bridge feature which could be available directly in Lend and Farm

I think dForce uses cBridge for USX to do cross-chain, maybe Rango can give a better result for some tokens, but for USX almost all liquidity is on cBridge.

I do not think dForce supports such actions at the moment, maybe it is a good feature to achieve.

Currently, dForce uses cBridge, which is integrated into Rango as well as all its pairs. Rango equips dForce with ultimate cross-chain interoperability, providing a seamless cross-chain experience for users. Rango offers the most efficient route via all the EVMs, L2s and Non-EVMs. If dForce has an exclusive deal with cBridge, routes that have a conflict of interest with dForce and cBridge could be turned off in Rango multi-step API.