DF-ETH Liquidity Mining Pool Migration on Ethereum

The liquidity mining pool for DF-ETH pair on Ethereum will be deprecated at 9:50:20 am, Jun 30 due to the contract upgrade. Please withdraw your UNI-V2 LP token if you would like to continue participating DF/ETH liquidity mining, then stake your LP tokens into https://app.dforce.network/#/Stake. The new contract will come into effect after 10:00 am, Jul 1.

Migration Tutorial:

  1. Navigate to staking.dforce.network, click “DF/ETH” in Singularity Pool

  2. Connect the wallet used for liquidity mining, then click “Exit: Claim and Unstake”. Confirm the transaction in your wallet, then you will get your UNI-V2 LP token back and DF rewards you have earned.

  3. Navigate to https://app.dforce.network/ - /Stake after 10:00 am, Jul 1, click “Detail” - “ENABLE”. You can stake your LP token after ENABLE.