dForce Community Call — April 26, 2021 Recap

The dForce community held its Community Call on April 26, 10 am (UTC+8) to discuss the upcoming testnet launch and discussed a series of topics related to governance and tokenomics. Guest speakers Pan Chao from Maker Foundation and Mable Jiang from Multicoin Capital were invited to share their expertise. Below is a brief overview of the topics covered. You can also watch the community call again on YouTube.

Mindao Yang - dForce Founder and CEO
After the brief introduction, Mindao walked us through the dForce Lending & Synthetic Assets Protocol along with token economics 2.0. A brief list of keynotes from the call is below:
•Mindao introduced the upcoming testnet for lending + multi-currency stablecoin + synthetic assets
• Discussed about migrating to fully on-chain, 100% decentralized governance, and the opening of a new protocol pool set-up and risk parameter proposals
• Proposal of DF token economics 2.0
• Implementing new governance system around June in which DF holders can delegate their favorite expert to vote on behalf of them and DeFi experts will be invited to participate in governance discussion.
• dForce will launch testnet on April 28th, and is expected to upgrade DF mining plan in May.

Mable Jiang – Multicoin Capital
Mable shared her expertise as an investor and governance expert:
• Multicoin Capital is excited to continuously keep backing dForce
• It is great practice to hold regular community calls, good start for dForce; her observation is that great DeFi projects tends to have solid and vibrant community
• Do you think there is a need for non-USD stablecoin? She recollected that Mindao mentioned about the rationale for more foreign currency denominated stablecoins
• Decentralized governance though less efficient, but create more opportunities to bring out diversified ideas and proposals
• Suggested having community governance to improve the efficiency of the execution to approve the proposals.

Pan Chao- Maker Foundation
Pan Chao, a well respected evangelist of Defi, is an expert in governance and token economic design.
Key points Pan Chao discussed include:
• Discussed successful governance model of DAO, and top stablecoin by designs
• Are we sunsetting USDX? he thinks that USDX is an interesting design that serve the purpose to allow stablecoin to stablecoin liquidity. He believes that USDx probably could co-exist along with USX
• Using governance to solve cross-border compliance issues
• He suggested to change Mintage Fee, it is a bit confusing, probably better use Mintage Fee Rate or Mintage Rate

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