dForce (DF) Liquidity Mining (Starting from May 18, 2021)

DF rewards for the liquidity mining from May 18 is shown below. The liquidity mining for dForce Pool on S.Finance and DF/USDx pair in Singularity Pool has been over; that of dToken Champagne Pool (dUSDT, dUSDC, and dDAI) will be over on 22:00, May 31, 2021.

We will kick off revamped DF mining after the launch of dForce Lending & Synthetic Assets Protocol to bootstrap our stablecoins and synthetic assets. The initial plan is to sunset existing liquidity mining and yield farming, and to prioritize on incentivizing liquidity parking and trading of synthetic assets on several DEXes as well as lending activities. A detailed liquidity mining proposal will be submitted for community discussion soon!


• All the liquidity mining pools last one week. The reward remains unchanged from the previous week if not notified;
• Singularity Pool liquidity providers have 12 hours to withdraw their liquidity. Miners of Singularity Pool can unstake and get back pledged assets (Uniswap V2 LP share token) during the 12 hours if they would like to exit dForce (DF) yield farming.
• Pledged assets (UNI-V2 LP share token) supplied to Singularity Pool will be locked up for 1 week before being able to unstake and get collaterals back.