dForce in a Nutshell

What Is dForce?

dForce is a complete set of decentralized finance protocols covering assets, lending, and trading, serving as DeFi infrastructure in Web3.

dForce DAO is a community-driven project, with major protocol changes driven by the community and jointly decided by dForce token (DF) holders through governance.

dForce is backed by a world-class investor consortium including Multicoin Capital, CMBI and Huobi Capital, with a TVL of $320m across all supported chains. dForce Lending is now the largest lending protocol on Arbitrum, and the 3rd largest on BSC by TVL.

Is dForce safe to use?

We’ve placed a lot of emphasis on Security.

We are taking extensive measures to ensure risk management is implemented on multiple levels:

  • We engaged the world’s best audit firms for security audits and formal verifications for dForce protocols, including Trail of Bits, ConsenSys Diligence, Quantstamp, Certik, Certora, PeckShield, SlowMist, SECBIT. Click here to view full reports.
  • We launched a Bug Bounty program on Immunefi to encourage security researchers, white hats, community’s participation in identifying potential vulnerabilities in dForce protocols and receive bounty rewards.
  • We perform risk assessments in accordance with dForce Risk Framework for each asset supported.

Here are our audit partners and respective Audit Reports

What Does dForce offer?

dForce’s Core Protocols include the following:

Stablecoin USX

USX is the most important DeFi primitive within dForce’s protocol matrix. As a decentralized and algorithmic stablecoin, USX implements a dual model (pool-based & vault-based) with hybrid interest rate policy, making it highly efficient and flexible to support collaterals of different risk profiles in isolation. USX is powered by protocol-controlled liquidity to facilitate protocol-to-protocol integrations, as well as cross-chain bridge that allow users to move USX across supported blockchains with zero slippage and uncapped limit.

dForce Lending

dForce Lending is a pool-based multi-sided lending protocol which supports multiple collaterals with a market-driven dynamic interest rate model. dForce Lending has undergone extensive code reviews and security audits by Trail of Bits, ConsenSys Diligence, CertiK, Certora (formal verification), with a bug bounty launched through Immunefi. dForce Lending has been deployed for over 1 year and is well battle-tested.

dForce Bridge

A cross-chain bridging tool facilitating instant and low-cost transfer of USX and DF across all supported L2s and blockchains.


  • DF: 0x08C15FA26E519A78a666D19CE5C646D55047e0a3
  • USX: 0xCf66EB3D546F0415b368d98A95EAF56DeD7aA752

What Is DF Token?

dForce Token (DF) is the governance token across the network, giving DF holders complete control over decisions concerning dForce protocols, including onboarding of new assets and collaterals, changes to risk parameters, fee accrual, interest alignments, etc.

Read more here

Is there Staking for DF?

There are two types of staking available for DF holders, Free Staking and Lock-up Staking.

  • Free Staking has no lock-up requirements, DF stakers can unstake at any time, however, the Free Staking will feature lower yield and less voting rights than Lock-up Staking.
  • For Lock-up Staking, DF holders can choose a lock-up period for staking from 1 week up to 4 years. There will be no time decay during the lock-up period (the veDF balance holds constantly throughout the selected period)
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