dForce <> MangroveDAO Integration

MANGROVE is an upcoming order-book based DEX that allows liquidity providers to post arbitrary smart contracts as offers. We aim to address fragmented and remove the cost of opportunity for LPs. Offer present in our books can be actively generating yield elsewhere until a taker comes to scene. We’re also launching Kandel, our first AMM Strat built on top of Mangrove, to showcase some of the infinite and groundbreaking capabilities of the Mangrove Engine.

We would love to have dForce as one of our select Launch Partners. A high level scope of the partnership could cover:

a) Routing liquidity through dForce.
b) Deploying a Mangrove Vault among your vaults. Offering a super nice APY, through our AMM (Kandel)
c) Others, plus of course cross marketing and support.

We’re fully audited by ChainSecurity, we have already onboarded BEEFY, Tetu, Gearbox, and others as launch partners. We are backed by Wintermute, Greenfield, Gumi, Cumberland, and others through our publicly disclosed funding rounds.

Let’s do this!

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Hi, can we connect on TG (@MGGYY)?