DIA Data - Oracle Solution on Evmos

Proposal for integrating DIA’s price feeds into Dforce’s Lending & USX applications:

DIA is enabling developers on Evmos to have access to data feeds for 6.000+ cryptocurrency assets to build dApps.To provide such a large data offering, unlike other Web3 oracle providers, DIA sources data directly from CEXs and DEXs at a very granular level. This enables DIA to create oracles for any asset that is available on centralised and decentralised markets. Additionally, this multi-source and granular approach allows DIA to create very robust and resilient oracles while providing full transparency. Evmos is the latest blockchain network that DIA has integrated with and joins a list of 20+ blockchains DIA is available on, including Fantom, Arbitrum, Solana, Polkadot, Metis and NEAR, among others.

For correspondence on Discord, please dm: Dillon_Hanson#0537

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Good news for Evmos.
I have few concerns about the price feed DIA provided,

  1. How DIA provide trust to protocol and users who use the price feed, since the price of asset is the most critical thing for most protocols.
  2. Is it free to use? Just like Chainlink?
  3. What does DIA token do?
  4. Are there famous protocol who integrated with DIA price feed?

Thanks a lot.


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i think the problem is that dForce integrated with Chainlink for all its oracle price feeds, switch to a new untested one will entail unforseen risks. Oracle is the most critical risk vector for lending protocol.

what other lending protocols are using DIA?

Hey Jack, thank you for your questions and interest to learn more!

  1. How does DIA Provide trust?: DIA is unmet when it comes to price feed transparency and resilience. A price feed can be requested via the DIA forum. The requestor can specify:
    -Methodology (.e. VWAP, TWAP, etc)
    -Update mechanism and frequency
    DIA is sourcing the underlying data on a single tick level from >20 CEX and > DEXs.

  2. Is it free to use?: Yep, only gas fees need to be offset by the dApp that arise from updates.

  3. What does DIA token do?: the DIA token is used for governance. Right now the team is heavily focused on further developing the DIA DAO, so that the protocol becomes ever-more decentralized, transparent, and trustless. Thus, token will play an increasingly important role in the future decision making / direction of DIA

  4. Are there famous protocols who integrated with DIA price feed?: Yes, many. DIA is used by many dApps, including Fantohm, Starlay, Dopex, Standard and many more. You can learn more about our ecosystem and integrations here: https://www.diadata.org/ (by scrolling to the bottom of the page)

Thanks again and feel free to respond / DM on discord with additional questions or discussion prompts!

Hey Gking, thank you for your question!

DIA is battle tested and secures hundreds of millions of TVL https://defillama.com/oracles/DIA

Most recent integration is Starlay, the premier lending protocol on Astar.


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DIA is superior when it comes to feed transparency compared to all other oracles.

You can learn more on CDRs here: https://medium.com/dia-insights/introducing-dia-cdrs-custom-delivery-requests-ef31b8f77ba

Apart from that, DIA provides data on >20 L1/L2s and provides the ideal solution for multi-chain dApps unlike any other oracle.

The forum and these questions can be found [here]

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Thank you for explaining to us, dForce does welcome various oracle system to further decentralize our protocol, we are planning develop new general oracle system then it can aggregate multiple prices from different feed sources, DIA definitely will be one of the alternatives, will update to you if we get the job close done.

The pleasure is ours.

I personally agree that aggregating multiple different feed sources will certainly make for more resilient data! If there is anything we can do to assist you on this front feel free to reach out.

Looking forward to future collaboration.