DIP029 - Disabling Lending Support to FEI and GOLDx


It is proposed to disable dForce’s lending support (deposit and borrow will be disabled, but still can replay or withdraw) to FEI and GOLDx across all supported blockchains.


Due to the challenging macro environment and the impact from Rari Capital’s Fuse hack, the Fei Labs now calls for support from the Tribe DAO to take a series of actions that are expected to close many of the risks that the Tribe DAO has faced, including the redemption of FEI at $1, distribution of DAO assets to all TRIBE holders through TIP-121 (TIP-121: Proposal for the future of the Tribe DAO - Proposals - Tribe (fei.money)).

Given the FEI decided to unwind their protocol, we propose to disable our support to FEI across our networks.

We also propose to disable dForce’s support to GOLDx across all supported networks due to limited utilization.

GOLDx is a synthetic gold token which is 100% backed by PAXG. Users can mint/redeem GOLDx from/for PAXG here.


  • Yes - Disable dForce’s support to FEI and GOLDx across all networks
  • Against - Do nothing

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