DIP031 - Use of $OP Grant


We propose to use the 300,000 $OP grant received from the Optimism community to incentivize users, developers, and partners who can help grow dForce on Optimism.


dForce has kicked off liquidity mining on Optimism from June, 2022 (click here to read the announcement and see our LM schedule in details on dForce’s forum).

Shortly after, we received a grant of 300,000 OP tokens from Optimism community to facilitate dForce’s expansion on Optimism and service its users with secure and reliable dForce products (see our application for OP grant here).

The proposed distribution of OP tokens (either in the form of $OP or the same dollar value of $DF token):

  • 50% for users who use dForce protocols on Optimism through liquidity mining
  • 30% for developers who build on dForce protocols
  • 20% for marketing campaigns (Optimism focused events)

We also anticipate that these incentives will be distributed over a 6-24 months’ time frame.