DIP046 - Deploy dForce on Scroll


This proposal is seeking support from the community to deploy a complete set of dForce protocols on the Scroll mainnet.


dForce was launched on the public Scroll Testnet in June ([Temperature Check: Deploy dForce on Scroll]) and we have seen many positive feedback from community members, users, and partners since then.

Scroll is a bytecode equivalent zk-rollup, a native zkEVM scaling solution for Ethereum, and an open-source project developed in collaboration with the Ethereum Foundation Privacy and Scaling Explorations organization.

dForce is more than a decentralized stablecoin protocol, it’s a DeFi matrix offering a complete set of protocols covering assets, lending, trading, and bridge. These functionalities facilitate a wide array of DeFi strategies, enabling dForce to serve as a critical piece of DeFi infrastructure to power developers building on top of dForce in different L1/L2 chains.


We believe that dForce and Scroll’s communities are highly aligned - both of us are building trust-less, decentralized, and permission-less infrastructure that is accessible to anyone. Deploying to Scroll offers many benefits, including significant user savings, an expanded user base, and the early-mover advantage.

Many projects have deployed on the testnet of Scroll, including AAVE, Uniswap, iZiSwap, etc. Given the excitement around Scroll and current usage of our testnet, it is expected that more DeFi protocols will deploy on Scroll mainnet post-launch.


dForce Lending

Suggested risk parameters (maximum cap) for supported assets on the Scroll mainnet are listed as below:

Asset Collateral LTV Supply Cap Borrow Cap Borrow Factor Reserve Factor Liquidation Penalty
WBTC Yes 80% 40,000 40,000 100% 20% 7%
ETH Yes 85% 3,000 3,000 100% 15% 7%
USDC Yes 85% 50,000,000 50,000,000 100% 10% 7%
USDT Yes 85% 50,000,000 50,000,000 100% 10% 7%
USX Yes 85% 30,000,000 30,000,000 100% 10% 7%


1:1 swap between USX and USDT, USDC, DAI will be enabled upon Linea mainnet launch.

dForce Trade

Cross-chain DEX aggregator integrated with Celer’s Inter-Chain Messaging framework and the LSR module.

dForce Bridge

Enable bridging of $DF and $USX across all networks dForce supports.

Helpful Links

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Scroll_ZKP 5

Forum: https://community.scroll.io/ 6


  • Deploy dForce on Scroll mainnet.
  • Do nothing.