DIP059 - DF/UTS Liquidity Strategy


This proposal presents the dForce community with initial UTS/DF liquidity bootstrapping strategy for consideration and voting.


In DIP057 & DIP058, dForce DAO proposed the spin-off of dForce Lending from dForce’s DeFi ecosystem and rebrand it as Unitus Finance.

Unitus Finance will issue the UTS token (Unitus Token) to fulfill its governance and incentivization functions. It will also be the first platform to provide native dForce USX liquidity across multiple Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks, with liquidity interlocked with dForce.


The dForce DAO is expected to play a crucial role in bootstrapping liquidity for Unitus Finance during its Guided Launch:

  1. DF token will be paired with UTS token, and a portion of dForce’s treasury income will be allocated to acquire DF/USX liquidity.
  2. UTS tokens will receive liquidity support from DF, and DF’s buyback initiatives will also include UTS tokens.
  3. Unitus treasury funds will be allocated for two primary purposes: minting USX and acquiring DF/UTS liquidity in the market.

We have initiated discussions with various decentralized exchanges (DEXes) on multiple blockchains, and based on our initial conversations with our DEX partners, UTS will receive support in the form of different tokens across various platforms and blockchains.


We are requesting up to 50 million DF tokens from the dForce treasury to provide liquidity support for UTS.

This liquidity will be used to create a DF/UTS trading pair, with an equal contribution of UTS tokens committed by Unitus Finance.

The liquidity will be initially provided to selected decentralized exchanges (DEXes) to facilitate DF/UTS trading.