Expanding dForce's Cross-Chain Capabilities Via LI.FI

LI.FI x dForce Governance Proposal


LIFI, the ultimate cross-chain bridge and DEX aggregator

(Point of Contact: Mark Murdock, BD at LIFI, @markmurdock3 on Telegram)

Proposal date:

April 21, 2022


Implement LIFI’s SDK into dForce to facilitate cross-chain swaps.


LIFI is a Cross-Chain Bridge and DEX aggregator.

  • LIFI facilitates transactions across Ethereum, Optimism, BNB Chain, Gnosis, Polygon, Fantom, Moonriver, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Moonbeam, Celo, and Fuse.

  • We have integrated some of the biggest names in the bridging space, including cBridge (which you have already integrated), Connext, Hop, Multichain, Biconomy, Optimism bridge, and Polygon bridge.

  • Furthermore, our smart contracts feature DEX integrations with 1inch, Uniswap, SushiSwap, ParaSwap, OpenOcean, DODO, 0x, HoneySwap, PancakeSwap, SpookySwap, and ViperSwap.

With the LIFI SDK, dForce would be able to accept any token from any chain on its front-end and complete a swap to any token on the backend in just one-click from a user. And, once our SDK is integrated, dForce would never have to worry about adding more bridges or DEXs – LI.FI devs will handle that.

What problem is this proposal solving?

dForce has already integrated cBridge’s SDK into its dApp. This is a FANTASTIC start in dForce’s push towards becoming a cross-chain platform.

However, at LIFI, we believe that reliance on a single bridge is not enough. The immaturity of the bridging ecosystem comes with security risks, insufficient liquidity, and a lot of maintenance overhead.

TL;DR → Depending solely on one bridge is a risky proposition.

To solve this, LIFI maintains all bridge connections (including cBridge), giving dForce access to multiple fallback solutions in the event of a single bridge failure, hack, or unforeseen circumstance.


We propose that dForce integrate LIFI’s SDK.

This will help unlock the full potential of dForce for two reasons:

  • LIFI offers dForce users a plethora of options in the event of a single bridge or DEX failure.
  • LIFI supports 12 chains, 13 DEXs, and 9 bridges (with many more to come), allowing dForce to expand its offerings without worrying about future integration with DEXs and bridges.

For dForce users, this proposal is helpful because:

  • users will have the same UX as before… except with more bridging + swapping routes
  • users will not have to leave dForce to find alternative bridging or swapping solutions

LIFI is committed to helping dForce integrate our SDK with the least amount of developer burden possible. LIFI will help make this integration happen at no cost to the dForce community.

It is a win-win. LIFI gets to partner with the premier web3 fundraising dApp, while dForce’s cross-chain potential is unlocked.

For more information about the LI.FI:

It looks like great, so is there any audit reports?

we just finished an audit via Code4rena (https://code4rena.com/contests/2022-03-lifi-contest). We are looking to get 2-3 more audits done by the end of 2022.

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When users provides liquidity, if they will earn some interests from trading fee?

since you already integrated with cBridge, i supposed that the liquidity already going through there? what specificly need dForce to integrate or provide liquidity?

Since LIFI already has cBridge aggregated, dForce could implement our SDK, which would allow for bridging routes via cBridge – along with Hop/Biconomy/Multichain/Connext too.

In my opinion, if you are going to build a custom bridging solution, you might as well offer customers the most amount of routes possible.

No, we are just an aggregator – so any liquidity providers would need to go do so directly on a liquidity network-style bridge.