How do I get EUX to pay back Synths?

I minted EUX for testing.
Now, I want to pay back (burn) all of my EUX minted on Synths, but the holdings is shorter than minted because I liquidated someone for EUR.
I could not find any way to trade my assets to EUX.
How can I get EUX in exchange for USX, ETH or anything else?

Thank you.

where was your eux minted? i think there was eux/usx liquidity pair on bsc

yes, there is some liquidity USX/EUX on KyberSwap - Swap and earn tokens at the best rates on BSC, depending on how much you want, should be sufficient for like 1000 eux swap

Thak you for your information.
I could swap USX to EUX on KyberSwap.
Next, I minted EUX on Arbitrum, how can I bridge EUX on BSC to Arbtirum?
I searched many bridges but I could not find any bridges which support EUX…

You can’t. EUXs are minted natively on each chain, no liquidity for bridging right now.
What do you want to do?

That’s a bad news…
I minted EUX on Arbitrum and sped it for liquidation (for someone).
I want to repay (burn) all of my EUX and withdraw collateral (funds) from dForce.

we look to deploy a protocol controlled eux/usx pairs on arb, not guarrantted, but do come back for update; we will update here once it’s done

That sounds good, but conversely, you mean I should wait for the EUX/USX liquidity pool to be ready?

Is there no option currently to pay back my EUX mintage?

Can someone sell me EUX in exchange for USX (or any other assets like USDT, USDC, ETH or BTC) with 10% premium?
I need ~170EUX to pay back the Synths to withdraw my collateral.

dodo has liquidity, not much but enough for your swap

Thank you for the information.
There were no liquidity in the DODO pool several days ago, but I could swap USX to EUX successfully now.
Thank you again for your support!