How to Exit from Lock-up Staking?

Lock-up staking requires a lock-up period of DF tokens from 1-week (minimum) up to 4-year (maximum) - the longer you lock DF tokens, the higher yield and voting power you will earn.

Lock-up staking yield is accrued on top of free staking yield structurally. In addition to that, most of DF purchased in the secondary market will be rewarded to lock-up stakers.

Now we are going to walk you through the unstaking process.

  1. Navigate to dForce, click on ‘Staking’ and choose ‘Lock-up Staking’ to continue.

  1. You can see the due date for your current locked DF on the dashboard.

  1. You won’t be able to withdraw your locked DF before the due date. But you can click on the ‘Claim’ button to receive your DF rewards at any time.

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