Integrate XDEFI Wallet to dForce dApp

Recently XDEFI Wallet has integrated Arbitrum to their wallet so I am here with a proposal to get XDEFI wallet integrated within dForce.

Quick overview about XDEFI Wallet:

  • It is a multi-chain, self custodial wallet allows you to securely store, swap, and send Crypto and NFTs
  • Supports 13 different blockchain which includes 4 out of 5 different chains in which dForce is deployed. (Polygon, ETH, BSC, Arbitrum)
  • Native cross chains swaps across Top L1 Blockchains within the wallet.
  • XDEFI currently support 3 different browsers- Chrome, Brave and Microsoft Edge
  • Supports hardware wallets like LEDGER.

Advantages of integration of XDEFI Wallet:

  • Ready to use Developers SDK for integration of XDEFI Wallet - LINK
  • Unlike Metamask, XDEFI not only supports EVM Chains but non EVM Chains as well so if in case the projects is deployed to Non-EVM Chains the hassle to integrate different wallet is resolved.

Upcoming major updates:

  • Solana (Probably next month) and NEAR Integration (Q3 2022)
  • Terra V2 (Within few weeks)
  • Dex Aggregation (1inch, Paraswap, etc.) + Bridges (Wormhole, Rainbow Bridge, etc.) within the wallet (Q4 2022)
  • Mobile Application (Q4 2022)

Here is an article that you can read for further information about XDEFI’s Mission - LINK

XDEFI Wallet Social Profiles:
Twitter: @xdefi_wallet
Co-Founder: @goitbykojiro

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Hi, welcome to the community! :wave:

Could you please list some protocols that using this wallet? I would like to have a try.

Hi, Miku
You can use any protocol that supports Metamask. All you need. to do is to prioritise XDEFI Wallet within the wallet settings and then you are good to go. Feel free to test the wallet and if you have any further question join the discord and the community will help you out.

Here is an article to help you out to migrate to XDEFI Wallet.
Migrate to XDEFI Wallet