Integration with Open Defi Notification Protocol

Hi all, I’m new here to DForce and after a lot of research I’ve decided to use the protocol for my defi lending and borrowing, glad to be here!

I was used to monitoring my liquidation risk using the Open Defi Notification Protocol, which is an open source app that connects to severl defi projects including Aave, Venus and Alpaca.

From what I looked up it seems fairly easy for someone with technical skills and a knowledge of the DF smart contracts to integrate with the notification protocol, they even say “it should take less than 30min”. Here’s the link for reference: Introducing Open DeFi Notification Protocol

If anyone is able to take the time and develop the integration not only would it be very helpful to current DF users but also would make DF visible to other users of the Notification Protocol and might bring legitimacy and attract them to find out more about our project.


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Hi, welcome to the community! :wave:

Sounds like good, will have a look at it.

Hey, @Miku any updates?

Sorry, I forgot, I assigned this task to someone else, and he has submitted a PR, so now just wait for the PR to be merged.

Hi, @dreader the PR has been merged, and now you can try to use it under the experimental mode