Listing of dForce on Bitdroplet dAPP - Decentralised SIP/DCA Protocol

Hope you are doing well. I am contacting on behalf of Bitdroplet - World’s first self-custody automated investment protocol. Bitdroplet helps investors to buy in any token at frequent intervals for a specific amount.

We came across your Dapp listing on the app, which recommends users with the most unique / popular apps under the Dapp section. We would like to get listed under the Dapp section.

How our Dapp listing will help you:

  • Daily SIP / DCA users would access the app on a daily basis.
  • Increase in Avg time spent on apps
  • Increase in the DAU on the app
  • Retention Rates & Activities
  • DAU user will likely to check other Dapps and increase the time spend on your wallet
  • This can lead to increase in activities of users
    We would be interested to be on your platform. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi Team dForce