Partnership proposal From Bit community

Hi Raja
This is Raja from .bit Community.

.bit is the only cross-chain DID protocol in the industry, dedicating to provide the decentralized unified identity to individuals and communities in Web3.
We look forward to collaborating with your project on both integration and co-marketing activities.

About .bit
.bit is the only Web3 identity system that supports cross-chain, with 280,000 accounts, 55k+ community members, and 101k+ Twitter followers. In August last year, it completed a $13 million Series A financing round. Currently, more than 130 mainstream wallets and applications support resolving .bit, including Trust, TokenPocket, BitKeep, Mises, NFTGo, and others.

.bit Twitter:

About Co-marketing
• Partnership announcement on official Twitter and Discord. All eco-partner of .bit will be listed on .bit official website: .bit Ecosystems .
• Joint AMA, twitter space and airdrop activity. Usually, .bit will provide free accounts or OATs for giveaway.
• Media support for other .bit eco-partners.

Hi, welcome to the community! :wave:

Is there a documentation that shows how to integrate .bit with a protocol?

Yeah sure but it was in pdf format i can’t sent it here. For now i sent it one photo to understand which which community we already do that.

Hi, is there a tutorial for how to use .bit? And which network does it support?

Hey can we talk in telgram group if you don’t mind our team head also there so they tell more things how we can do the integration with dforce.

But i answer second question.

I am little bit confused that what tutorial are you asking for.

  1. How to use . bit?
  2. or asking how to integration . bit with dforce?

Which one tutorial are you need?

Can we do that sir on Telegram group.

Hello sir what do you think about that can we do that or not can you confirmed by messaging.