Partnership Proposal - Router Protocol

Hello, I am Shivam | Partnership Manager at Router Protocol.

I am submitting proposal here to do potential collaboration and partnership with dForce , as with help of Router projects can solve multichain Liquidity issues, crosschain swapping issues & any token to any token swap. As dForce is listed on 3 chains Eth,BSC & Arbitrum. Router will be really handy for users.

We can do Partnership in 2 ways -1. dForce Token integration on Router.2. Router Widget integration on dForce

I want to introduce Router Widget features and usecases to you guys. We have some unique edges over existing bridges

Router Widget Usecases-
-Its a one solution for all swaps and cross chain swaps issues.
-Any token to any token swaps within chain or cross chain.
-Integrated 7 Chains yet, 2 More coming next month
-Default token listing
-Fee flexibility
-Intuitive UI

Benefits of integrating-
-Providing Crosschain functionality to users.
-Bridge revenue sharing model for integrators

Router widget can be integrated in your UI itself. For reference we have done integration on Dfyn exchange - DFYN Exchange


Please feel free to check out Router Protocol. Our product is live and our community is super active. I am looking forward to get on call with dForce team.

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Hi, I think dForce supports 5 chains, Ethereum, BNB, Arbitrum, Optimism and Polygon, so does it support all these 5 chains?

And could you please say more details about Bridge revenue sharing model for integrators

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Yes it supports all 5 chains you mentioned above.
Like if anyone using bridge they had to pay bridge fees which is enough to ensure that the destination gets carried out on the destination chain (validation plus execution) and we are open to share some percentage of it with integrators depending on transaction volume that can be discussed on call.

Explaining Bridge fees in details - Our revenue sharing model will be having a bridging fee charged per transaction, say 5bps. On top of this you can choose to add a fee from your end, whatever you feel right for users - say 5bps, this will be shared 100% with you.

Does Router Protocol support inter-chain message?
Say, when users bridge their assets and do a transaction on the target chain in the meantime. This feature is very useful for cross-chain swap.

FYI. the link of seems broken at this time.

Yes it supports inter-chain message.
Try this link - Router Cross-Chain Swap