Partnership Proposal - SolidLizard

Hey dForce, I’m Emporio from SolidLizard. We are a Solidly fork on the Arbitrum One chain that launched recently. In 1 week we attracted more than 7M TVL and we’re just getting started! Our project is community oriented, we never paid any influencer and actually, our community members are free to contribute to this project and help it grow organically!

dForce is a well established protocol on the Arbitrum one chain and this is why we trust your good intentions and the sustainability of your project. We are going to contact every legit protocol on Arbitrum that has a token. We want to be a central hub for the whole Arbitrum ecosystem.

If you are interested, we could offer you a whitelisted pool which will emit SLIZ to the liquidity providers (initial vote from the team) + a max veSLIZ allocation reserved to our top tier partners (500K veSLIZ locked 4 years) that will give you a huge voting power in our protocol.

In exchange we would like from you to bring a starting liquidity in the pool (optional) + bribes on that pool (you could probably have multiple pool but it should be discussed with the team). By the way, you will probably be the main voter on your pool, which means that you will probably take back a decent amount of your bribes every week.

In short, we could create for you an incentivized USX/USDC pool creating some buy pressure on USX. Increasing this way the liquidity on your stablecoin. We have some Stable pools using the Curve model which allows swap between stablecoins with minimal slippage + extremely low fees (currently at 0.02%) Also if you guys even plan on bridging DF on Arbitrum, we would be happy to welcome you!

We really think that our protocols could benefit from a mutual partnership. Partner protocols really benefit from the whole bribe wars as it creates some buy pressure on both our tokens while giving some great yield to your users! We currently have a great momentum, a strong community, and a lot of plans for Arbitrum. We are just getting started and we hope that you will join us in our journey!

That’s it! Tell me if you guys could be interested in any way and have a nice day! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, welcome to the community! :wave:

Great! And is there an audited report for your protocol?

Emporio Lizard: next time you ban us we’ll take immediate action. Talk to u soon
Bonne soir :wink: