Proposal for DForce and Syscoin Collaboration

Hey guys!

I’m a biz dev over with Syscoin and we’ve recently established our NEVM, which is Ethereum backed by Bitcoin. It was developed with security as its fundamental building block, using Bitcoins PoW and multi quorom chain locks.
The Ethereum smart contract layer runs at 96% the cost of Ethereum.

We are working quickly to establish our DeFi ecosystem and we have identified DForce as sn exciting prospect with great synergies. We have a stable coin pegged to real gold and silver held in their reserves on our base layer and launching an OHM fork offering DeFi against this launching on our L2 rollups. With you on our L1 smart contract layer you would be the perfect project to link the 2 if you guys are interested.
We have a TVL incentives program to help projects over whilst potential grants offered to the right project.

So how to get this pegged stable coin? Uniswap or SushiSwap?