Proposal to allow Mushrooms earning vault to mint USX

We would like to apply collaboration with dForce to allow Mushrooms earning vault to mint USX.

  • Apply to both Ethereum and BSC.

Asset Details
Mushrooms Finance is a crypto yield optimizer with focus on seeking sustainable profits in the DeFi universe via innovative products like auto portfolio-rebalancing tool MushMon.
Mushrooms Finance Vaults help you earn passive profit on crypto assets like WETH/WBTC/DAI/USDC, etc. For example, the earning strategies associated with the Vaults will automate your yield farming on Compound or Curve by auto-compounding the profit. Vaults earn in the denomination of whatever token you deposited.

several Qs that i have: so the idea is that Mushroom users are able to use their WETH/WBTC/DAI/USDC to mint USX, as the same time these assets are part into Mushroom?
that’s similiar to how MIM and yearn vaults are interacting.

am i reading it correctly? only half milly TVL? that’s look too small

yes, think too small to justify a seperate vaults, we should put up some simple guildeline on the minimum requirement

it’s hard to toally quantify but agree that we probably need to have i.e for an asset with significantly more than half million to justify a vault.

We have more TVL in the Ethereum.