Proposal to list dTokens as one of ecological pools on ArbiChess

Hi there
We are a group builders of Arbitrum and supporters of Tranchess on BSC chain. We think there will be such a project in the Arbitrum since there are lots of $ETH waiting for a huge pool to earn. So we made a pixel-level forked project of Tranchess and will be launched in a few hours. In maintaining the pixel-level fork of #Tranchess, we set the tracing token to $ETH and change 5% of seed investors to a seven-day seed round staking mining, including the $ETH mining pool and liquidity mining pool ETH-USDC as well as 4 ecological pools for projects on the #Arbitrum ecosystem, 300,000 ACHESS and 10,532 $USDC will be added to Sushi as liquidity when launch.
We think dTokens can be participating in our ecological reward pools. :smiley:

Hi, sorry, I am not sure how to do it, do you mean move dToken from the Ethereum mainnet to the Arbitrum network? I think dToken is a yield market, it is a single token, such as dDAI, dUSDT, so can you support single token?

And you mentioned that your protocol will be launched in the next few hours, I think it is a little dangerous to do directly what you said without any test, so I would like to say NO!