Proposed Asset Listing Nomination Procedure

As we just launched our lending protocol and started to scale our protocol, it is important that we are able to have proper due process for listing new assets. The first step is for community to nominate assets they feel should be listed on lending protocol, then the core team will be carry out risk assessment on the proposed assets according to our Risk Assessment Guideline, for BSC and other blockchain, we should adopt a different standard and process. After initial assessment, we then propose for on-chain voting and DF token holder has the ultimate right for the decision making.

To nominate an asset, you can simply reply to this post the token name and contract address of the token and you better have a brief discussion and stated rationale for the proposed asset listing and the proposed assets shall broadly meet the standard of our Risk Guidelines - dForce’s Documents.

The most Nominated assets will be taken into the next phrase of evaluation.

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应该上下 dForce自己的代币,比如DF, USDX, GOLDX,然后是defi代币,Uni, Curve, MKR 之类。另外btc类和稳定币的资产hbtc, btcb, renbtc, 还有稳定币tusd?busd

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usdx goldx and df first

look like DF and Goldx are both good candidates for listing, however, due to liquidity and market risk, I suggest to put a lower supply cap and 0 borrow cap for DF and lower cap for goldx.

also, we shoud consider listing more btc wrappers given they are the dominant assets and maybe more stablecoins

usdx probably at a later stage? we will be launching MSD stablecoin in April.

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