Saddle L2D4 Pool on Arbitrum


It’s proposed to incentivize Saddle’s L2D4 pool (USX, alUSD, FRAX, USDs) on Arbitrum with $50k worth of DF token over 6 months, subject to bribe match by each of Alchemix, Sperax, Frax, as well as SDL incentive provided by Saddle.


Saddle will create a new L2D4 pool on Arbitrum to include USX, alUSX (Alchemix), FRAX (Frax Finance), and USDs (Sperax). Each protocol participated is expected to contribute $50k worth of rewards to bootstrap the pool over a 6-month period. Saddle also agreed to provide SDL to incentivize the pool.

  • alUSX is a yield-backed synthetic stablecoin powered by the Alchemix protocol, who is planning to establish alUSD liquidity on Arbitrum (click here to view more).
  • FRAX is the first fractional stablecoin protocol, which is open-source, permissionless, and entirely on-chain – currently implemented on Ethereum and 12 other chains.
  • USDs is a USD-pegged stablecoin launched by Sperax, primarily backed by crypto collaterals which generates organic yield for its holders.


dForce adopts a multi-chain strategy aiming to build a more-resilient DeFi ecosystem by tapping into different blockchains and enhancing our ability to interact with a considerable number of DeFi applications and assets in a meaningful way on different layers and blockchains.

Over the past one year, we have successfully unlocked multiple use cases and revenue streams for USX on different blockchains through collaborations with many DeFi protocols, including Uniswap, Curve, DODO, Saddle, Velodrome, KyberDMM, Platypus, SwapFish, Liqee, etc.

On Arbitrum, USX swaps are currently supported on dForce, SwapFish, and DODO, and we are very interested in joining the Saddle L2D4 camp to further promote USX.


  • For - $50k in bribes to Saddle L2D4 on Arbitrum
  • Against - do nothing

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Exciting to see the L2D4 pool coming to life on Layer2 and Arbitrum! I think this proposal has great potential to create many synergies for all parties involved!

Looking forward to seeing this bring much more stablecoin liquidity to L2.

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