Valha DeFi Abstraction Layer

Hey I’m Octave, I am the founder of Valha ( an open-source DeFi abstraction layer for developers.
We are willing to develop a DeFi features natively within the wallets interface. The principal goal is to expand and facilitate the user experience within the Avalanche DeFi ecosystem.

Here is a demo of what we have done so far: Valha Widget

Our motivation
My experience in DeFi has always been fragmented across several platforms.
It is difficult to keep track of our funds, tedious to invest in sophisticated and different front-ends and also dangerous to land on scam websites or hacked front-ends.

Besides, it is time consuming for developers to rebuild and maintain protocol integrations. The easier option is to create a redirect link or implement a browser.
Then we wanted to bring innovation by making this integration experience as simple as possible and offer the best possible interface to end-users.

How it works underneath

A. Valha aggregates dozens of protocols on different verticals (RWA, Lending, MM, Bridge etc.) to facilitate integration with yield-generating strategies.

B. Today, Valha is an API:
When you press the invest/stake button

  1. Wallet sends a request to Valha
  2. Valha sends calldata back to the wallet (like 1inch or 0x is doing for swapping)
  3. The wallet executes the calldata

While an API is by nature closed source, we have taken a transparent and open approach by making much of our infrastructure open-source (GitHub - Valha-xyz/valha-defi-connectors: Gather common integrations to DeFi protocols to make DeFi easier ).

If you’re interested in this solution and 1) want to add dForce natively within Valha connectors as well or 2) Work on integrating DeFi features natively within dForce front-end, I’d be happy to get in touch with you to see how we could collaborate.