dForce Christmas Festival

We’re celebrating this holiday season with two exciting activities!

Take it as a present from us to you– we wish you a very warm and happy holiday season.

Activity 1: Become a Santa of #dForceChristmas

Celebrate this holiday season with us by becoming the Santa of dForce, and get a chance to win Christmas presents.


December 18, 2021 to December 26, 2021

How to participate:

  • Change your Twitter profile picture to the profile picture of dForce Twitter account during the entire duration of activity. (You can save dForce’s twitter profile picture and use it!)

  • Retweet the announcement tweet, Tag 7 friends

  • Retweet dForce V3-grand upgrade tweet, Tag 7 friends, comment on the tweet with Merry #dForceChristmas!

  • Follow dForce Twitter

  • Join dForce Telegram

  • Join dForce Discord

  • Fill out this form


We’ll pick 50 random winners who will share $500 in $DF

Activity 2: #dForceChristmas spread-the-knowledge contest

We are celebrating this Christmas by kicking off spread-the-knowledge contest. Participate and get a chance to win $200 in $DF.

How to participate

Key Sentence options for Tweet

Option 1:

I can’t wait to use #dForce’s upcoming brand new features such as single-collateral minted $USX stablecoin, multi-chain bridge, and Protocol Direct Liquidity Provision for maximum capital efficiency!

Option 2:

#dForce V3 has this cool “Bridge” that’s multichain, allows $USX to seamlessly move across different blockchains.


December 18, 2021 to December 28, 2021


3 people with largest post engagement to share $200 in $DF

Terms & Conditions

All users are welcome to participate in the event

dForce will announce the winners and distribute the rewards within 15 business days after the competition ends

If the participants don’t fill in the provided forms, they are not eligible for the rewards

dForce reserves the right to disqualify anyone who is deemed to break any of the above rules or act with malicious intent