dForce Guide for Optimism

Add Optimism Network to your wallet

A varities of wallets including Metamask and Trust Wallet support Optimism. Check the wallet whitelist: Wallets

Add Optimism manually:

Network Name: Optimistic Ethereum
RPC URL: https://mainnet.optimism.io/
Chain ID: 10
Currency Symbol:ETH
Block Explorer URL: https://optimistic.etherscan.io/

Network Name


1.Optimism official bridge: Optimism Gateway

2.Other bridges: Hop Exchange、Teleportr、Celer Bridge, etc.

Check full Optimism bridge list: Bridges


  • ETH is the native currency in Optimism, so in order to transact, you’ll need to bridge over some ETH first.
  • Withdrawals on the standard official gateway take 7 days to claim. You will be rerouted to Hop Protocol or Celer for an instant withdrawal unless selected otherwise.
  • Please be noted that Optimism is still in early stage, we recommend that you limit your deposits to modest liquidity for the time being.


Optimism blockchain browse: The Optimistic Ethereum