dForce Lending & Synthetic Asset Protocol Beta Test Event - Recap and Winner List

During dForce Lending & Synthetic Asset Protocol Beta Test Event from April 28 to May 11, around 3,500 addresses participated the beta test, and we handed out test tokens equivalent to around S120M value (KETH claimed by users themselves is not included). We appreciate everyone’s participation!

In May-12 Black Swan Event Simulation Event, over 500 addresses were liquidated with over $3.6M involved. Dozens of addresses participated in the liquidation and received penalties ranging from 7% to 20% (depending on different assets). By which we would like to remind everyone to be aware of potential risk - always pay attention to the adequacy ratio and keep your borrowings within the Safety Max to avoid unnecessary losses. At the same time, we encourage users to actively participate in the liquidation, which will help maintain the frequent and safe operation of the protocol.

Among hundreds of user feedbacks, we selected 25 effective suggestions, based on which (but not limited to) we will continue to make more product optimization including:

  1. Synthetic assets: Among the three pools (General, Synthetic, and Stock Pool), Synthetic and Stock Pool will be integrated into one, which will simplify the user experience while ensuring the capital efficiency

  2. Synthetic stock: mintage will be suspended during the trading suspension period to reduce the instability of the system to prevent arbitrage using asymmetric information and protect the security of users’ assets and the protocol

  3. Risk reminder: In order to reduce the risk of front-end attack, we will develop “One-click Repay” function and provide a risk monitoring bot.

Here is the list of DF winners in this event. DF rewards will be sent to your BSC address within 10 business days after the test ended; dForce genesis NFT claim will be open later.

Calling All Eagle-Eyed dForcians:
0x64********** 6ECD
0x32********** Ad57
0x5b********** FDfb
0x85********** B97e
0x8a********** 3D5e
0xb9********** 17E2
0x8a********** 3D5e
0x85********** B97e
0xce********** AB3C
0x36********** 1c16a
0x0e********** 3d48
0xdE********** cF87
0x85********** B97e
0x0C********** E763
0x96********** 462F
0xBe********** 76A8
0xBb********** Efa4
0x6e********** 4559
0x45********** f64b
0xeb********** 22E6

The Socialite:
0xDe********** 0028