DIP007 – Proposal for the 2nd Batch of Assets to be Supported by dForce Lending


Based on community’s feedback and expressed interests, we performed risk assessments in accordance with dForce Risk Framework for a number of cryptoassets, and hereby propose to list UNI, DF, GOLDx, BUSD and HBTC (with proposed risk parameters) as the second batch of assets to be supported by dForce Lending.


With a vision to build dForce Lending into the most secure and adaptable lending protocol catering to diversified use cases, we want to give users greater choices with a wide range of cryptoassets with the highest security standard. All proposed assets need to meet a minimum score of above 60 according to dForce Risk Framework.

For asset listing in the future, community is welcome to nominate assets they want to support in our Forum, dForce team will perform initial risk assessments for the most popular assets proposed (including risk parameters), and formulate proposal on-chain. The final decision remains in the hands of DF token holders and can only be accepted upon the approval of governance proposal through Snapshot.

Further reading: dForce’s Risk Assessment Guideline


We propose to list UNI, BUSD, DF, GOLDx, and HBTC as the second batch of assets to be supported by dForce Lending with test scores, risk parameters, and risk analysis per asset illustrated here.
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