Proposal to launch dForce Grants Program (DGP)


We propose the introduction of the dForce Grants Program (DGP), a community-driven initiative aimed at funding creative ideas put forth by the dForce community and fostering the growth of a diverse and dynamic dForce community.

It is proposed that we run this pilot program for two quarters with a total budget of $100,000, paid in $DF token. The dForce Grant Committee will review the outcome at the end of the first two quarters and collect feedback from the community to decide whether we should extend the program.

Given that dForce has recently received an STIP grant from the Arbitrum ecosystem, we also propose launching a 60-day campaign with an open grant paid in ARB tokens to incentivize protocol integrations with USX and/or Unitus on the Arbitrum network. Please note that all STIP incentives received through the dForce Grants Program should adhere to the Arbitrum STIP Eligibility Requirements as outlined in this post.

We welcome and eagerly await feedback on this proposal, including any ideas you would like to see implemented within the dForce Grants Program (DGP).


The mission of the DGP is to provide all the essential resources necessary to help grow the dForce ecosystem.

Our commitment is to empower developers, innovators, and community members by offering financial support, technical assistance, and consultancy to bring their visionary projects to life within the dForce network. Through this initiative, we seek to not only enhance the dForce ecosystem but also create a thriving environment where creativity, collaboration, and progress thrive. Together, we are forging the path towards a stronger, more vibrant, and interconnected dForce community, united by a common goal of pushing the boundaries of decentralized finance.

Grant Type

There will be two types of grants that the dForce DAO can approve:

  • Micro grants: <$5,000
  • Community grants: $5,000~$50,000

Grant Categories

In order to provide guidance on the types of grants with a higher likelihood of receiving funding, we emphasize the following target areas:

Category Description
Protocol Development For developers interested in contributing to the development of dForce or projects aiming to build on top of dForce (including USX and Unitus) , thereby contributing to the diversity and growth of the dForce ecosystem.
Protocol Integration For projects integrating any aspect of the dForce protocols (including USX and Unitus) into their project and contributing to the growth of TVL, the number of users, trading volume, and more for dForce (and Unitus) and the DF token.
Code Audits For developers or projects that have built on top of dForce or integrated any aspect of dForce and are seeking funding specifically to cover code audit costs.
Developer Tooling For developers who are building tooling or any related software infrastructure directly beneficial to the users and developers of dForce (including USX and Unitus) (i.e., dashboards, analytics, etc).
Community For marketing campaigns, events, hackathons, sponsorships that enhance dForce’s visibility and attract new users and TVL to dForce.
Others Attracting and onboarding new users and TVL, while enhancing brand awareness within the broader DeFi ecosystem.

Grant Committee

The proposed application will undergo a review and be jointly determined by the dForce Grant Committee, typically consisting of a minimum of 6 members, including core contributors from governance, marketing, BD, product, and development.

We welcome all DF governors to actively participate in discussions related to grants. Your insights and contributions are highly valued in shaping the grant committee’s decisions and directions. If you have a keen interest in becoming a part of the grant committee itself, we encourage you to apply by posting in this thread. Please include a brief introduction about yourself, highlighting your relevant experience, skills, and motivations. Your willingness to be part of this community-driven initiative is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to hearing from you.


  • Budget: The two-quarter pilot program had a grants budget of $100,000, paid in DF token.
  • Review: initial review - technology assessment - risk assessment - weekly grant committee call - funding
  • Consensus: 1/2 vote required to fund a micro grant; 2/3 vote required to fund a community grant.
  • Timeline: Micro-grants totaling less than $5,000 typically take up to 1 week for the dForce Grant Committee to complete the review and funding process. For community grants exceeding $5,000, the dForce Grant Committee may require more than 2 weeks to assess technical feasibility, gather community feedback, and reach a final decision.
  • Post-Grant Support: In addition to offering financial assistance to grantees, we have extended post-grant support whenever feasible. This support encompasses marketing assistance, strategic guidance, connections to auditors, development guidance, and hosting AMAs in the dForce community.


Assessment for each proposal may include the following criteria:

Measurable criteria:

  • Growth of TVL
  • Growth of staked BLP
  • Growth of new users
  • Growth of community engagement (forum, X, Discord,etc)
  • Trading volume of UTS and BLP derivatives

Subjective criteria:

  • Improved dForce’ brand awareness in the market

Data Reporting

Successful proposals should provide data and reports on grant distribution, as agreed upon in their application. The provided data should be publicly viewable and verifiable through either a dashboard or Dune.

Successful projects should also create new update threads in the forum section.

Application Template

To ensure an efficient application process, applicants are required to have clear objectives and provide explicit explanations of how their proposal can benefit the dForce community:


Applicant name or alias: [Enter full name]

Project name:

Project description: [1-3 sentences]

Project links:

  • Website
  • X
  • Telegram
  • Discord
  • Github
  • Documentation
  • Others: pls specify

Contact information:

TG: [Telegram]

Twitter: [Twitter Handle]

Email: [Email Address]

I acknowledge that dForce grants are designed to establish a long-term incentive alignment with dForce and to encourage user interactions and application usage. The DF tokens received through the dForce grants program should not be sold by the protocol that receives them; instead, they should be distributed to promote user interactions and engagement.

I understand that I might be required to provide additional KYC information to the dForce DAO to receive this grant: [Yes/No]

I understand that the dForce Grant Committee has the sole discretion to approve, disapprove, or disqualify any grant from the programs they administer.

I acknoledge that all STIP incentives received through the dForce Grants Program should adhere to the Arbitrum STIP Eligibility Requirements as outlined in this post.


Objectives: [Clearly articulate the primary objectives of the grant and your intended achievements]

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): [Specify the KPIs, including but not limited to total value locked, transaction volume, and number of users that will serve as benchmarks for assessing the successful achievement of grant objectives]

Protocol performance: [Provide a comprehensive overview of the protocol’s historical performance and its relevance, covering the mentioned KPIs, development progress, and any other notable achievements]

How will receiving the grant support you in enhancing protocol performance and reaching your KPIs?

Why will this solution be a source of growth for the dforce ecosystem?

Project Roadmap: [Please provide your project roadmap for the next 12 month]

Audit History (if any): [Please provide historical audit reports] ****

Team members and qualifications: [List team members and their qualifications, roles, and responsibilities]


Requested grant size: [in US$]

Justification for the size of the grant: [Please explain]

Implementation Plan [Please provide a detailed implementation plan, which should include incentivized pools or products, milestones, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), an estimated timeline, and the percentage allocation for each grant installment.]

# Use of Funds Deliverables KPI Est. Timeline Grant %

Funding address: [Enter the specific address where funds will be sent for grant recipients]

Distribution contract address: [Enter any specific address that will be used to disburse funds for grant recipients]

Note: The dForce Grant Committee retains the discretion to suspend any remaining grant payments in the event that the applicant experiences an irreparable black swan event (including, but not limited to, a hack) or fails to meet the specified Key Performance Indicators within the stipulated timeframe without providing an acceptable explanation.


Is your team ready and capable of developing Dune or dashboards for your incentive program? [Please describe your answer]

**Does your team agree to provide data and report on grant distribution, as agreed upon in your application, on the dForce Forum thread? [**The provided data should be publicly viewable and verifiable through either a dashboard or Dune] [Y/N]

Is your team aware that non-compliance with the above requests may lead to the suspension of the program’s funding?: [Y/N]


can i submit proposal?

Sure. You can submit your proposal by creating a new post using the above template.

Hey MGGYY, I’ve submitted the proposal as requested. Here’s the link: [Proposal] Web3 Initiative: Exploring Web3, Blockchain, and DeFi Let me know if you need any further details or revisions.