dForce & DODO Liquidity Mining Tutorial

  1. Switch to Arbitrum One. Navigate to DODO, then click [Earn - Mining]
  2. Enter USX in the search bar, then you can see all three pools. Select the pool you would like and click “Stake”
  3. Here we take DF-USX as example. Click [Get DF-USX LP] below to provide liquidity to the pool first.
  4. Add DF and USX of the same value to the pool (you can enter the amount of either, and the other be automatically calculated out). Click [Add Liquidity], and you will receive [DF-USX LP] token to your wallet. (Similar to adding liquidity to Uniswap or PancakeSwap)
  5. Back to STEP 3, stake [DF-USX LP] token you received after providing liquidity in the last step.
  6. Now you have successfully completed all steps! You can check you on-time rewards simply hover your pointer on “My Reward”.