DIP026 - New Asset Onboarding to dForce Lending


A proposal to onboard sUSD, AAVE, MATIC, OP, Curve, and renFIL to dForce Lending. This proposal, once approved, will apply to all blockchains dForce protocols deployed on.


This proposal aims to add lending support to a number of assets chosen by the dForce community. We strive to maintain the highest risk standards at dForce, while giving users access to lend and borrow a wide range of worthy assets across different networks.


dForce DAO carries out periodic risk review for supported assets and proposes for parameter updates based on evaluation results.

Before adding a new asset (especially collateral asset) to the protocol, we would perform multifaceted assessments in accordance with the dForce Risk Methodology to ensure the evaluation process is clear and accessible to the community who make the final decision.

All assets and collaterals accepted into dForce need to go through risk assessment from the following perspectives:

  • Smart Contract Risk (matority, code complexity, audit, open source, etc)
  • Financial Risk (market capitalization, trading volume, volatility, bid and ask spread, liquidity depth, etc)
  • Counterparty Risk (admin rights, centralization risk, trust, etc)

Click here to view the risk assessment result and suggested parameters for proposed assets.


  • Add collateral support to AAVE, MATIC, OP, CRV across all networks dForce supports.
  • Add lending support to sUSD, renFIL across all networks dForce supports.

Vote through Snapshot (starting from 6pm UTC+8, 4 July for 3 days)